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How you ask?

Team Development - No, not team building.

So what's the difference?

Team Building is about creating a bond by sharing an experience, which is most of the time totally unrelated to what the company is about.

Team Development on the other hand directly relates to your companies objectives using techniques to best suit your team and achieve a measurable outcome.

Our point of difference you ask?

We fit into your environment and culture working with the individual personalities of each person.

at the short and long term goals for your company, we gain the insight on how to best lead your employees and/or managers into the future as a strong cooperative team.

We look at what you would like to achieve, what the employees need, how they will best learn and develop then we put together a program including
SMART objectives , action and evaluation.

Development is a continuing process requiring support and reinforcement over a period of time.

If you are frustrated with the time and money being spent just so people can go back to what they were doing before with nothing changing then get some insight from a birds eye view for lasting results.

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If you are a business owners, CEO, general manager or department head you know the tremendous value obtained by spending time working on the business rather than working all day in the business and seeing the same mistakes repeated over and over again .

But, at the same time we know we can't just shout orders and have everyone jump.

So often once a manager has organised team building for staff they feel they can tick the box to say “done”.

Unfortunately most of the time staff go back to how they were doing things before.

In the long term no value is gained by the employee or the company and often it is considered a waste of funds.

Rather than just throwing money away consider a much better alternative, take some time out to discuss challenges and gain insights for improvement. This is where Hummingbird Events comes in. We work with you to determined required results and put together a program to best suit the outcomes wanted.

The process to change the way people act and react in the workplace requires buy in and repetition and taking things step by step.

People will make mistakes and slip up along the way that's one way of learning and gaining insights to improve, the secrete is to be looking out for this in a controlled environment.

People either work on their own or in teams and often are reporting to different people. Our techniques will help employees no matter what their working situation.


Employees need to feel treasured and valued like everyone else. Feeling free to discuss with others in a supportive environment provides a benefit with better productivity.

Once the platform is set the purpose is to focus more on day to day challenges which will surface along the way, we put your employees together with an experienced business coach as part of the process.

So, if you are happy throwing money away keep doing the same old things BUT...

if you're frustrated with the time and money being spent showing no lasting results then get some insight from a birds eye view for lasting results. 

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