So ... what's the difference?

An exhibition or trade stand can be quite an investment once you add everything up, would you rather look like the Mona Lisa on canvas or a scribble on paper?

Staying with art analogies, a stand should be like a temporary tattoo, it looks like the real thing.

So what do you think about roll-up banners as signage on a stand?

It's my blog so here's what I think .... yuk

Roll-up portable banners have there place it's just that exhibition and conference stand are not it.

They break all the stand signage rules when it comes to text for a start.
 1) No wording below the knee
 2) Preferable no wording below 1mtr
 3) Less is better when it comes to text

If you've been reading my blogs or web page content you know you have under 3 seconds to get your key message across to visitors. How many words can you read in 3 seconds?

I know roll-up banners can be purchased very cheaply these days but please, ...
Worst case - get a graphic designer that understands the exhibition & conference environment or, ...
Best case - don't use them at all, there are so many products available now that are easy for you to install and look a million times better on a show stand.

If you want to know what's available I'm happy to make suggestions and point you in the right direction.

Remember you only have one chance at a first impression.