"They" say, "those who can't do, teach". I heard this again just recently from a visitor at Bizzone.

Well, I'd like to, as many have, contribute to putting a stop to this myth.

I work with people in business who are exhibiting at exhibitions and conferences and want help, I'm a planner.

The last time I worked on an exhibition stand was April of 2009 and since then a lot has happened. The short version is that now I teach how to exhibit.

I've been on many different sides of the fence when it comes to exhibitions but I found it really interesting, now that I teach how, to be once again working on an exhibition stand helping to promote my business coach, John Cook.

This was my home territory and I was very aware of what, and how, I was doing things. Was I putting into practice what I preach?

The good news is, yes, I was.

I was reminded of one thing that is really important though .... at the end of the day what ever technique you use it has to be able to come across naturally, you have to be comfortable with it.