Out of 167 exhibitors I've had 24 contact me since the expo. This is a reflection of how many businesses actually plan a strategy and then implement it. We all now the old saying "If you don't plan to succeed then you plan to fail". This is not totally true, most businesses get something out of attending an expo but why would you not want to do your best? I really enjoyed Convene this year, I attended as a buyer rather than an exhibitor for a change. Putting aside a whole day I spoke to about 80 - 90 percent of companies exhibiting at the show. I gave out a bundle of business cards and only got the seminar room for the speaker I wanted to listen to wrong once. I was actually a little surprised I received so many emails after the show, so congrats to those who did and to the organisers for the advise they give to exhibitors. Here's the breakdown; 7 Day after Convene I had received 4 emails & 1 phone call(special congratulations to Okahu Conference and Event Centre), 14 days after, another 5 emails, 21 days an additional 2 emails and nearly 1 month later I received 1 more email. I have received no additional follow-up from any of the businesses who emailed me. Also no one at the show tried to book in appointments with me to see them after the show, why not? Exhibitions are one of the best selling and marketing tools but, if you don't not how to use your tools you may end up creating a lot of work with very little result.