How important are your shoes when you're on your feet at expo's for 3 days straight?

I was out taking a walk today and looking in a few shop windows when I noticed this seasons shoe fashions. The wedge is back again and that started me thinking about a chat I had recently with a woman on day 3 of an expo.

Shoe tips:
First of all no matter how much effort you put in, man or woman, by day 3 your feet will hurt.

For the Guys;
Men are easier, pick shoes which are worn in, comfortable and if possible have enough room in them to add a cushioned insole. Try to pick something that looks professional but has a rubber sole, try to avoid leather or thin hard soles.

For the Girls;
Women are a little harder. Most of our shoes are really comfortable in the office or going to appointments and the mistake we make when choosing shoes for staffing an exhibition stand is that we take these circumstances into consideration but not the additional time we are going to be standing.

I strongly suggest you consider the wedge heel, and a low wedge if possible. With the wedge it more evenly distributes the pressure on your feet as apposed to a traditional heel with tends to put a lot of pressure on just the heel and ball of the foot. Also like the guys don't wear new shoes

Tips for Everyone;
Purchase high impact sport insoles and put them into your, if they'll fit. This is what I have and they are fantastic.
Another trick is to take multiple pairs of shoes and change them during the show, this will change the pressure points as all shoes wear differently.
Foot massages are fantastic.
If you have a foot spa(or your wife does) use it overnight.
Have a look at the range of products available for feet with peppermint.

The absolute best way to avoid sore feet is to have enough staff scheduled to work on the stand to only do half days but from experience this is often not possible.

Good luck next time you're on your feet for 3 days.