What can you focus on in 3 seconds?

How much information can you take in?

and... What decisions will you make based on what you see & understand in 3 seconds?

Try this next time you are in the supermarket or the mall ... look up the aisle and see in 3 seconds how much you can remember seeing once you look away(words, pictures, colours etc...). Was there anything in particular that caught your eye and what it was?

At exhibitions & conferences you only have 3 seconds for a visitor to pick you out of the clutter and make the dicision to stop at your stand.

Most exhibitors focus on the logistics of the event, for example, ensuring their stand is bought or hired, that the staff are booked, that the products are ready etc …

Don’t stay a logistics exhibitor who just does the obvious…

Become a Strategic Exhibitor…

Becoming a strategic exhibitor is easy, just stay focused and follow a plan, that’s everything required to make your show a success.

Strategic exhibitors realise that there are many important tasks, that whilst not seeming urgent right now are, absolutely critical to the show’s success. They look at the bigger picture, more than just the fine details.

So why aren’t more exhibitors strategic?

There are many reasons, but the most common is that, probably, no one has ever shown you how.

How do I become a Strategic Exhibitor?

Small or big business, it doesn’t matter what size your company is or how many employees you have …

Strategy is about your approach and the tactics you are going to use to achieve a result.