What to take? Have you been to an exhibition or conference build previously or is it your first time?

Think like MacGyver ... Be like MacGyver ...

Essential items ....
Velcro - hook, loop, strip and dots.
Wall stapler, staples and staple removers(in my case a pair of pliers).
Cable ties.
Black marker.
Cleaning cloths - multipurpose cleaner, and glass cleaner.

I always take the same bag with me to every build I go to, fully stocked and ready for any occasion. On top of the above I also carry ....
Fabric tape or Gaffa tape as you may know it by. I carry silver, black, red, blue and white at all times.
Electric drill, drill bits and 2 different lengths of screws.
Craft knife.
Microfiber cloths.
Phillips & square-head screwdrivers.
Measuring tape.
2 different sizes of plastic shrink wrap.
Rubber bungs.
Alien Keys
Pens and calculator
... and my most important item of all ... my little green book with all my contacts.

Over the years the number of times I've been saved by my site kit or been able to help someone else in need I can't count. You can never be to prepared when you are away from your usual base of operations.

So go small and compact or prepared for anything either way "Trust me I know about this stuff" (MacGyver quote)