Are you the sort of person that expects others to do all the work?

Well, ... if you are you might want to re-think exhibiting otherwise read on to get some helpful tips.

Your exhibition or conference organiser has got a lot of work to do to put together a successful event so, you need to make sure it turns out to be everything you expect.

Tip #1: Getting visitors to your stand
Take some responsibility and tell people. The organiser will have a marketing plan to reach the targeted audience to attend the show however, what they can't do is promote each exhibitor individually. So, what can you do?

  • Send invitations to people you specifically want to come to your stand.
  • Integrate show information into your advertising leading up to the show.
  • Consider other promotional opportunities you may not normally use. As they say ... "Think outside the square"

Tell visitors where you are and why they need to see you.

Put in the preparation and rely on yourself and your team to make sure you have a great exhibiting experience.

Good luck for 2011