I've been having a real block for what to write lately so I remembered what someone said to me a while back ... "if you get stuck go back to basics."

When you are making the decision about which exhibitions or conferences to attend over the next year consider this ...

You make the decision.
You are given information to make an informed decision.
You have opportunity to research independently before making a commitment.

Tips and things to look out for:
"The organiser didn't target the right people" ...
Sometimes, more so with new shows, the organiser can want to target a particular audience and advertises to capture them but ends up getting a slightly different demographic.
Don't always take the information in a show prospectus as gospel.
Research, ask past exhibitors or attend the show before committing the following year.

Most of all make sure your decision is based on who you need to target and don't get excited about the prospect of possible new business from a demographic you have not tested or researched, you could end up falling flat on your face and being out of pocket to boot.

It's up to you to pick the exhibition or conferences that are going to help you succeed.

On the other hand taking a risk now and then can really pay off.
If you decide on this course make sure you have a strategy. Be prepared, focus and follow through.

Happy exhibiting